Leonardo DiCaprio Pledges $5 Million to Help Save the Amazon

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Leonardo DiCaprio, in an apparent effort to DISTRACT from his refusal to comment on the longstanding Titanic door controversy, has pledged $5 million to help combat the rampant wildfires currently destroying the Amazon rainforest.


According to Deadline, DiCaprio has funneled $5 million into an emergency Amazon Forest Fund launched by Earth Alliance, an environmental activism organization he co-founded. The Amazon Forest Fund is seeking donations to “focus critical resources for indigenous communities and other local partners working to protect the life-sustaining biodiversity of the Amazon against the surge of fires currently burning across the region,” according to Instagram:

The Amazon is in dire need of resources to combat the wildfires engulfing the massive rainforest—CNN says the region’s seen an 80 percent increase in fires this year as compared with last year, prompting two states in the Amazon to declare a state of emergency. Not only is the Amazon a critical resource for the indigenous communities that live in and around it, as one of the largest ecosystems on the planet, it plays a big role in global climate stabilization, and without it, we’re universally fucked, to put it plainly. If you can’t pledge $5 million (fair!), there is at least one big way you can help—cut out meat.



This sort of thing should not be left to private individuals, but, hey, good for him.

Someone else of whom I can think might donate a substantial amount to save the rain forest.

Someone who has benefitted substantially from its name.