Ledecky Nabs Another Gold in Rio, AKA 'the Closest I’ve Gotten to Having to Throw Up' While Racing

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

As practically promised, Katie Ledecky grabbed her second gold medal in Rio Tuesday night, narrowly beating out Sarah Sjöstrom, her only real rival in the 200 meter freestyle.


Though she was nipping at the world record line towards the end of the second 50 and into the third, her final time was slightly above world and Olympic records. Ledecky didn’t even look at Sjöstrom for the last lap, actually, saying afterwards that she could “feel her there,” adding, “That’s the closest I’ve gotten to having to throw up in the middle of the race.”

Well then.

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I laughed out loud at her puking comment. But pool puking sounds horrific on a bajillion levels.

YAY Ledecky!! She’s a fucking beast!