Ledecky Watch: No Gold, But the Promise of Shiny Tomorrow

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

Monday meant no medals for Katie Ledecky, but much preparing for the eventuality of them. She got first in the heats for the 200 meter freestyle early in the day (comparatively, if we care about only Americans, teammate Missy Franklin didn’t make it past the semis, much to the disappointment of NBC) and then, in the follow-up semi-finals that night, finished right behind Sweden’s Sarah Sjöstrom, who has been, to put it lightly, dominating.

Going head-to-head with Sjöstrom most of the race, Ledecky won second place, which means the pair will swim against each other Tuesday night. When asked what her strategy was going into that race, she replied, subtly, “I have some things in my head that I can work on for tomorrow night, and hopefully I can put it all together.”

Never give up your secrets, Katie.

This has been Ledecky Watch, your regular updates on the 2016 Olympics success of phenomenal swimmer Katie Ledecky.

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Is anyone else getting a tiny bit annoyed at how much nonstop coverage NBC gives swimming? 2 straight hours of it tonight. All I wanted to watch was Men’s diving, which they chopped into bits, and Men’s gymnastics, which they just started showing at nearly midnight. Swimming is nice, but the Olympics are about more sports than that.