Learn Bill Nye's Secret to Flawless Skin!!!

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Age—we all have one! And with each year after, say, 21, brings more drooping, more lines, a reduced ability to digest alcohol. The best remedy? A good skincare regimen.

Bill Nye the Science Guy isn’t necessarily known for his looks (although honestly he should be), but he revealed to Fashionista his one trick to maintaining his surprisingly dewy skin: stuff.

“What happened was, when I used to work in the shipyard,” Nye said...

The girlfriend of a guy I worked closely with started selling Mary Kay. I don’t know much about Mary Kay anymore, but in those days they had men’s products. It was this new thing. She sold me on eye cream, or eye ointment, or whatever that is. And I just got in the habit. Then when I started working in television regularly, makeup artists take all kinds of time with your eyes. I’m talking about the crows feet. Anecdotally, just looking at my friends and guys I went to high school with, my skin looks good, and I think it’s cause I put stuff on my eyes twice every day: once in the morning, once at night.


That’s it! The secret we’ve been waiting for! Eye stuff! But what kind?

“I do not embrace the super expensive. Olay was real good, but the Art of Shaving—not everything there is worth it, but the Art of Shaving face cream is pretty good. I just stumbled on it the other day. They have a good salesman.”

Also, essentially every television star has had some amount of subtle work done, to be real for one second. No shame. Eye cream doesn’t make your forehead tight.

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Have met Bill Nye and he really does have a gorgeous complexion. The man doesn’t have pores on his NOSE, for Pete’s sake. Or he didn’t then, anyway, textures can change and it was quite a few years ago.

This is almost entirely genetic, unfortunately for those of us not similarly gifted. We can improve the skins we have with current treatments, but we cannot change their essential natures.

But I really like that he got into the question, and gave such a detailed answer! Given that men aren’t often asked this kind of thing, it’d be easy for one to pooh-pooh it, and it’s so cool that he didn’t.