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This should be fan-freaking-tastic: Leah Remini, Scientology escapee, lands her TV series about Scientology on A&E. Earlier this year, we told you about this project, the news of which came via journalist Tony Ortega who has seemingly dedicated his life to reporting about Scientology and its various evils. Now A&E, the network known for such reality television gems as Duck Dynasty, will be bringing Remini’s cautionary tale about Scientology to your television.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:

Details on the series are slim — not exactly surprising considering its focus on the secretive and wildly controversial church — but it will detail Remini’s experience with Scientology and her 2013 departure as well as focus on the families of other church members.


Remini is one of the most outspoken ex-members of the “church” and wrote a tell-all memoir earlier this year that was full of juicy tidbits about Tom Cruise, the most famous and outspoken member of the church. She managed to extricate herself from the sticky grasp of Xenu in 2013, much to the chagrin of officials in the organization and has been on a mission ever since to try and tell her story to as many people as will listen.

None of her behavior has pleased the church. In 2015, Remini appeared on 20/20 in a segment that detailed what life was like inside the church, including a demonstration of an auditing session – a process used by the church to suss out “spiritual distress.” In an official statement in 2015 addressing Remini’s 20/20 interview, church officials sounded like a petulant ex-lover, saying, “She needs to move on with her life instead of pathetically exploiting her former religion, her former friends and other celebrities for money and attention to appear relevant again.”

The television series has been filming all summer and is set to debut on A&E early next year.

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