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After, as everyone will remind you going forward, almost falling, Simone Biles ended up winning her first-non gold medal at the Olympics, grabbing a bronze in beam Monday behind Dutch gymnast Sanne Wevers, who got the gold, and her fellow teammate from the US, Laurie Hernandez, who earned silver.

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Wevers (whose twin sister Lieke is also competing in gymnastics at the Olympics) turned in a very nice routine, getting a 15.466 and the first Olympic medal for any woman Dutch gymnast. Behind her was Hernandez, with a score of 15.333.

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Biles’ issue came when she almost fell off the beam, catching herself with her hands before she did, resulting in a score of 14.733. She’s already gotten three golds in Rio (including one individual on vault), so one bronze doesn’t seem too bad, except to the NBC commentators—you could practically hear the disappointment dripping from their voices as it was brought to their attention that yes, being perfect all the time is indeed impossible, no matter how many beautifully produced packages on an athlete you put together.

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