Later, Dickhead: Chevy Chase Leaving Community

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In great news because he's an unfunny racist idiot, Chevy Chase is exiting the cast of Community and join a commune of other hacks who have perennial bitch-face. He can be their king!

No reason cited for his exit except that everyone hates him. This reminds me of the Bill Murray/Chevy Chase story (that I think is in that big-ass SNL book) about how they once got into a fight and Chevy Chase was calling Bill Murray ugly (DICK) and Murray fought back by telling Chase he was "medium-talent." Which is, like, the best insult of all time. Murray, why are you so fly come over here and get in my pants.

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Yeah, you don't know what "racist" means. Because saying you DON'T want your character to say a racist word is the OPPOSITE of racist.

What's really going on is that your terrible editorializing is borderline libel, and you're speaking on things for which you have absolutely NO context other than that it's fashionable to hate on someone.

This isn't an informative article, this is you being an ignorant troll.