Last Week's Creeps This Week: Woody Allen

Producer: Amina Waheed, Editor/Animator: Brian Toro, Shooter: Phoebe Bradford

In December, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski identified what she felt was a problem with the #MeToo movement: “Any woman can say anything, and that’s it,” she said. The accused’s career “is over.” Oh, is that so?

Throughout the past year, we (as a culture and as reporters) have been racing to keep up with each new allegation of sexual harassment and misconduct, sometimes grappling with numerous new reports in a single day. That breakneck pace means that yesterday’s predator is sadly denied the coverage that he’s worked so hard to deserve, and that he often becomes one of those inflatable bop bags, righting himself after every allegation with a shit-eating clown’s grin printed on his face. Our new video series, Where Are They Now: Last Week’s Creeps This Week catches up with the creeps of yore about what they’ve been up to since their 15 minutes of infamy.

Our first episode focuses on that tiny pillar of late ’70s New York Judaica, Woody Allen, who was accused of molesting Dylan Farrow, his daughter with Mia Farrow, when she was seven years old. Today, he is married to Soon-Yi Previn, another of Mia Farrow’s children, and happily making movie after movie about basically the same thing. Another career, ruined.

Senior Editor, Jezebel

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I was walking down the street on the Upper East Side during the late fall, and saw a frail old man accompanied by what I assumed was his health aid. As we got closer, I realized that it was Woody Allen and Soon-Yi. It was one of those narrow sidewalk situations where you sort of have to take each other into account when you passed and Allen and I regarded each other. I am 5'10" and a pretty substantial lady (and, in fact, I was on my way to a Seven Sisters College alumnae event) and he looked terrified of me. I think he was and always has been afraid of grown-assed women concerned with and existing for themselves. Soon-Yi looked aged beyond her years, depressed and folded in on herself. For all I know she has RBF and was on her way to a party after putting grandpa to bed, but it really looked like her marriage had taken a toll.

TL; DR Fuck that asshole and I definitely do not envy Soon-Yi.