Last Season There Were No Black People in Girls; This Season They Literally Put a Black Person in Lena Dunham

During its first season run last spring, the conversation about race and Girls — albeit a valid and important one — reached a fever pitch that seemed to drown out the otherwise progressive things that Lena Dunham was saying with her show (i.e., presenting the "uglier" realities of womanhood, like abortions and back fat, as matter-of-fact NBDs). But Dunham was conciliatory in the debate, apologizing for the absence of (non-stereotypical) people of color in Girls' first season, saying it was an "accident" and she wanted to rectify that.


So, in the opening minutes of last night's premiere of the second season, we were treated to a scene in which Dunham's character Hannah is getting fucked by a black guy (Donald Glover). And their dialogue indicates that this is all a very deliberate response to that initial backlash:

Sandy: You wanted this.
Hannah: I wanted this so bad.
Sandy: And now you're getting it.
Hannah: I'm finally getting it. It's about fucking time.


If last season Dunham accidentally said, "Fuck you" to people of color, this season she's very purposefully saying, "No, fuck me!"

And that's funny — which is what a comedy should be.

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OK, question: Lena's character (Hannah) famously said that she was "the voice of a generation." A lot of people attribute this to Lena herself, that she is in fact proclaiming to be the voice of a generation. Is there anything to back this up? Is there anything to suggest that Hannah is an autobiographical character? From what I know about both Hannah and Lena, it doesn't seem like this is the case.

These are honest questions - I'm genuinely curious why people make this connection.