Larry King Asks Amber Rose: Why Feminism?

Queen of Instagram Amber Rose went on Larry King’s show this week to promote her upcoming Slutwalk and talk feminism, as well as address some rumors.


King begins the interview by asking, “Isn’t feminism an accepted thing?” and follows with a question about whether it still needs “people to promote it.” Rose responds:

“Absolutely! Because I feel like it’s mostly women that give other women a hard time so it’s important for women like myself to put that out there and let other women know that it’s okay to embrace other women’s beauty and sexuality.”

Hmm. Not sure if that answers the question, which is a strange question to begin with. In explaining the inspiration behind her personal Slutwalk campaign, Rose (who’s releasing her How to Be a Bad Bitch book later this year) references the sexual assault from a few years ago that first sparked the idea:

“Back in 2011, in Toronto, there was this woman who got sexually assaulted and the police officer that was dealing with her case basically got caught saying, ‘Well, if she wasn’t dressed like a slut, then men wouldn’t touch her like that.’ So all these feminists came together and had a slut walk...writing things on their body, pretty much being half naked and saying, ‘I still don’t want you! I can wear whatever I want, but it still doesn’t mean that I want to have sex with you or I’m asking for it.’ So I decided to have my own Slut Walk ’cause they inspired me. For all equality issues—slut-shaming, double standards, sexual assault victims, rape victims. And even guys can come and protest on behalf of their wives, their sisters, their daughters.”

She also talks about growing up self-conscious:

“There was a lot of times when I was younger I would dress like a boy. I would cover up because I developed very young and I didn’t want guys to look at me. Because I wanted them to like me for my personality and I just wanted to make friends. But then I got older and I got to the point where I was like, ‘It’s okay. It’s okay to be a sexual being, it’s okay to be feminine and beautiful and still have a great personality and that can shine through also.”


If you’re curious, Amber says, “I would pose for Playboy if they gave me the cover... in a heartbeat.”

Here’s another clip of her talking about her ex Wiz Khalifa again, as well as her new dude Machine Gun Kelly. Watch King, who doesn’t do research, ask Rose if she has any children.

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Feminist Kittenjoy [is back after a long hiatus]

I’m already ragey and exhausted and sad today. So reading “I feel like it’s mostly women that give other women a hard time” as a response to why feminism is still needed makes me want to break goddamn everything.