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Amber Rose’s Book Cover Is Here and It Is Breathtaking

Amber Rose has just unveiled the cover for her book, How to Be a Bad Bitch. The cover photo, which was shot by David LaChappelle, shows Rose sprayed in gold as she poses with a bow and arrow atop ocean cliffs. A naked man, struck with arrows, lies at her feet. This is truly a work of art.


According to its description on Amazon, the book is an “edgy yet accessible ‘bad bitch’ guide to life, love, and success.” Delicious. Rose’s first foray into the written word will cover “finances, career, love, beauty and fashion while emphasizing confidence and positive self-acceptance.” It will be released on October 27, but is available for pre-order on Amazon now.

Image via Amber Rose’s Twitter.

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Lana, Lana,...LANAAAAAA!!!

If I didn’t read Jezebel I would have no idea who Amber Rose is and I still don’t know what she does.