Larry David Instructs Girl Scout On Tampon Insertion

On last night's premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm, a Girl Scout — the daughter of one of Larry's friends — came by Larry's place to sell him some cookies. And just as Larry was getting excited about the prospect of Samoas, the girl scout got her first period in his foyer. Larry had some of Cheryl's leftover tampons in the house and instructed the Girl Scout, (screaming) through the door, on how to insert it.



She thinks she had her first period???? I'm sorry, but I don't know any girls (of the friends with whom I've discussed this) who knew when their period started. They went to the bathroom and then just about died of shock at the blood. That's how it happens. You don't know what cramps or anything feel like on your first period - you just think you've had a bad burrito or something - if anything at all.

Anyway, this is why I don't want comedies. They're too unrealistic, everyone acts completely irrationally, and I get frustrated.