Large Breast-Hating Attorney Coincidentally On Trial For Hair-Pulling

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Thomas Gooch has made headlines in recent weeks for his motion to have his opponent's "large breasted" paralegal removed from the counsel's table. Turns out, he also faces a battery trial next week for allegedly pulling a woman's hair.


Back in March, the Daily Herald wrote that Gooch, who's also the Highway Commissioner for Cuba Township, IL, had been arrested after a woman who worked with him at the township office accused him of attacking her. She said the two argued for an entire day over the fact that she wasn't wearing the "friendship ring" he gave her, and that he eventually yanked her hair and ripped her earring out. Despite the ring, she says they weren't dating. Gooch denies he was violent, saying, "I tugged on her hair in a playful way." When she decided to file formal charges, the woman called Gooch a "bully" who had to "learn a lesson."

Another former employee of Gooch's seconds this description. Cassaundra Greenfield, with whom I spoke about the "large breasts" motion two weeks ago, wrote us the following message:

I am the employee who had to type this awful and embarrassing motion. This man is a narcissist and a bully. He has since then fired me, although hiding behing the prestense that I have allegedy "quit" because I refused to come to work Monday until my paycheck cleared. After 6 months of employment and bounced/unavailable funds paychecks, I finally took a stand for myself and he told me not to return to the premesis under any circumstances. He said my funds 'typically are available by Monday" when I am paid on Fridays- then, on Tuesday, when my check finally cleared, I see today that he has now put a stop payment on it and the bank has pulled the funds from my account!! I am a single mother and now will be out of a check and a job, he will fight me for unemployment and I will incur hundreds of dollars in overdraft fees. He is a Narcissistic bully!!

She also said she was familiar with the alleged hair-pulling incident, though she has yet to comment on it further. If the township employee's accusations are true, Gooch would appear to have something of a problem with women. A spokesperson for the Lake County Sheriff's Office says his battery case is slated to go to trial June 6. We wonder if he'll be filing any breast-related motions at that one.

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