Lana Del Rey Wants You To Know Her Mesh Face Mask Had Plastic On The Inside

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There are many famous white women who simply do not know when to stop talking, but Lana Del Rey has to be at the top of the list. In early October, the singer faced criticism after showing up to a bookstore for a surprise meet-and-greet event to promote her book of poetry (yes of course she writes poetry) wearing a mask made of what seems to be a rhinestone-studded mesh. Understandably, both fans and non-fans alike were pretty upset because, you know, we’re living through a health crisis that has already killed over 200,000 people in the United States.

So how did Lana decide to address this perfectly legitimate criticism of her behavior DURING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC? By responding to an opinion article published by University of Michigan student-run newspaper The Michigan Daily on Twitter a FULL MONTH AFTER THE INCIDENT, claiming that her mask actually had plastic on the inside.


I have several questions, but one is pretty unavoidable: if there was plastic on the inside of the mask, how was Lana breathing through it? Perhaps there is some kind of breathable plastic that I am as of yet unfamiliar with, but even if that were the case, a plastic mask sounds like it would be wholly ineffective at actually preventing the spread of covid-19. The CDC recommends NOT choosing masks that are “made of fabric that makes it hard to breathe, for example, vinyl” and I have to believe a fucking plastic mask would fall under this category.

This naturally leads to the next question: if she thought the mask was sufficiently protective (it is not), why wouldn’t she just say that, instead of responding snarkily to a college newspaper (not a mainstream outlet) on Twitter after the incident had mostly faded from the collective memory? Lana’s mesh non-mask scandal was surpassed by other dumber celebrity stunts within the week, if not the day. But then again, Ms. Del Rey has already made it clear that she believes her fragile and glamourous self gets too much unfair criticism. I wonder, do her self-indulgent tears also taste like pepsi cola? [People]

Apparently, some people weren’t exactly surprised to hear about publicly disgraced Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz’s infidelity.


Eyewitnesses at a very private post-Super Bowl party for Jennifer Lopez on a Miami yacht last year told Page Six that the pastor was seen flirting with women all night long and that several of them sat on his lap. (Though to be fair, Lentz’s wife Laura was also at the party, and apparently one of the women sitting on her husband’s lap.) One eyewitness called Lentz a “womanizing manwhore,” and another said that Lentz and his friend, famous pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr., were “partying their asses off” and “acting really weird.” Although “acting really weird” and “partying their asses off” might not be worth side-eyeing if these men were normal people at a normal party, it does sound odd to see two pastors raging at a private party full of celebrities.

Partygoers reported that despite the exclusivity of the party, Lentz and Wilkerson Jr. were running around recording videos of celebrity attendees in order to brag about how close they were to these famous people. “They were celebrity-obsessed. They were running around like inappropriate superfans.” Unsurprisingly, I have never personally been to any remotely exclusive parties, but it sounds like common courtesy not to treat them like a meet-and-greet of famous people, no matter how geeked you may be. [Page Six]


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Carrie Mathison

That was such a snarky “not that it’s any of your business” comment from Lana Del Rey. It’s not like anyone’s snooping when they criticize something you wear publicly as a celebrity that has the sole purpose of keeping the people around you safe.

And I don’t buy that there was plastic of all things under that mesh. You can see right through it! It should be fogged up under her breath. It just sounds like she didn’t give a shit, but had to come up with an excuse when she got called out.