Lady Gaga Will Do the Super Bowl Halftime Show Alone

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Breaking with the “tradition” set forth by...someone that usually allows for one big celebrity and then a few smaller, less sparkly ones to take the stage with pyrotechnics and dancing and sliding towards the camera on their knees, Lady Gaga will be doing the Super Bowl Halftime show alone.

Billboard reports that Gaga will be handling the onerous task of entertaining tipsy American football fans all by herself, disappointing millions who were maybe hoping for, say, another collab with Tony Bennett or something. She’s only the eighth performer to take on the halftime show alone —even Beyoncé had to share the stage with both Bruno Mars and freaking Coldplay, which seems strange, because it’s not like she couldn’t have done the damn thing herself, but I digress. It is 2017 and Lady Gaga will be taking the stage alone, to make Super Bowl Halftime magic, all by herself.

While it’s certainly anyone’s guess what she’ll do and how she’ll do it, Billboard also points out that any rumors of Gaga being told that she can’t talk about politics or Donald Trump are also false. “It’s bullshit,” a source told Billboard. Did you hear that? It’s bullshit! Lady Gaga can say and do whatever she wants!!


A rep from the NFL confirmed as such, saying that the rumors are “nonsense from people trying to stir up controversy where there is none.” Gaga doesn’t have time for this nonsense. She’s too busy practicing her routine in the tent she built in her backyard expressly for this purpose.

What will she sing? Who will she wear? Will there be a meat dress? Will she just pound a baby grand piano ferociously while singing the 3-5 songs I like off of Joanne? What will you do, Gaga?!

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...even Beyoncé had to share the stage with both Bruno Mars and freaking Coldplay,

its even worse than that, she had maroon 5 up in that piece as well - that stage was crowded af.