Lady Gaga Teases Documentary on Instagram, Sobs About Being 'Alone'

I’ve never clamored for a Lady Gaga tour documentary, but after seeing these brief clips of the one that is on its way, my body is now completely ready.

On Instagram Thursday morning, Gaga teased three very sparse clips from Gaga: Five Foot Two, a forthcoming documentary about her life on and off the road. People reports that Gaga has been spotted being filmed by Chris Moukarbel, director of Me @ The Zoo, the 2012 documentary about Britney Spears fan Chris Crocker; this news gives me hope that her documentary will be decent and not dreck.

The clips she provided don’t really offer much, but hey, it’s enough. I’ll take it.


Here’s Gaga sitting cross-legged in a doctor’s office, wearing a robe and getting what could be some serious news.

Watching Gaga dangle perilously above the crowd before her SuperBowl performance makes me feel queasy but also puts into perspective how bonkers it was that she descended into the NRG Stadium on nothing but some wires and a dream and actualy did a decent performance.


No release date has been set, but I’m sure there will be more mysterious Instagram posts in the future. Stay ready.

Update (11:04 a.m.): As suspected, Gaga has released another brief clip on Instagram that rudely cuts off before she tells us what it is that bothers her about Madonna. It also reveals the release date.


Her documentary will arrive on Netflix on September 22 and will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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I cannot wait..she is so interesting..I watched the Garden show 4 times..and I don’t even listen to pop. But I always listen to Gaga because she is damn good and a consumate entertainer..balls to the wall, every second.

I’m sad she can’t enjoy the silence after the adulation. Most performers are higher than average on the NPD scale, ( as are most public and political figures).

Everyone needs a dose of healthy narcissism, some amount, but some of these mega stars live for the energy of the stage and the applause and become depressed if they have to be without some kind of stimulation at all times..there is never enough as time goes on.

She’s still a very young woman, hit the big time early in life.. and it must be some surreal bubble about now. Not what she thought it would be. I’m pulling for her. Also she has Lupus, which is a very very depressing, debilitating and painful ailment. Poor lil’ gal!