Lady Gaga Is Offering a Half Million Dollar Reward To Anyone Who Has Her Missing Pups

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After her dog walker was shot and two of her French bulldogs were stolen, Lady Gaga is offering a whopping $500,000 reward for anyone who can produce her dogs, “no questions asked.” The shooting occurred on Wednesday evening around 9:40 pm, when Gaga’s dog walker, Ryan Fischer, was ambushed near Sunset Boulevard. Luckily, people in the surrounding neighborhood heard the gunshots, and Fischer was quickly taken to Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, where sources say that he is “recovering well.”


In the least surprising news ever, TMZ has obtained some deeply upsetting footage of the incident from a home security camera in a nearby house. The blurry footage shows a person walking with dogs when a white vehicle pulls up next to him. Two men appear to get out of the car, with one yelling “give it up!” at the dog walker. But when the dog walker refuses to give up the dogs and instead calls for help, one of the men pulls out a handgun and shoots at him. The man then falls to the ground, crying out in pain and yelling “Help me! I’ve been shot! …I’m bleeding out of my chest!”

I wouldn’t recommend watching the video. It’s upsetting. It’s no surprise that people can be awful, but it’s truly disturbing to watch someone shoot another person in cold blood in order to dog-nap two French bulldogs. Here’s hoping that Koji and Gustav are found and returned to the Gaga estate soon!

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No questions asked.

So, she’s offering $500,000 to the people who shot her dog-walker in the chest.