La Toya Jackson Opens Up About Being A Battered Woman

Last night on Piers Morgan, La Toya spoke at length about her bizarre seven-year marriage—which she claims she was forced into—to her former manager Jack Gordon. Interestingly, during the interview La Toya downplayed her abusive childhood, saying she only ever received "one spanking" as a child from her father Joe Jackson—who has been accused by his other children as regularly doling out corporal punishment—but went into detail about the many beatings she received at the hands of Gordon. In this clip she describes how the mistreatment began and escalated, and tells of one of the worst episodes of abuse of that she suffered.

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All Hail The Big Cat

I remember interviews with La Toya and Jack Gordon on the Howard Stern Show years ago. It seem apparent that Gordon was controlling her then and keeping her seperated from her family.