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La Toya Jackson Is Dangerously Clueless Around a Gas Stove

La Toya Jackson's show, Life with La Toya on OWN, is pretty formulaic as far as contrived situations and lightly-scripted dialogue goes on this type of "reality" show. (For example, one premise is that La Toya is interested in adopting a child, so she's been "practicing" parenting by babysitting, in the hopes that hilarity will ensue.) But there are moments on the show where her true La Toya-ness shine through and make it all worth it, like how she thinks that somebody would actually name a little girl "Enormous."


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Trough of Luxury

Oh, LaToya. She's been a guest judge on RuPaul's Drag Race and was on the finale (or the leadup? I can't remember) and always seemed SO bewildered by absolutely everything. I don't know if the production assistants didn't prep her or what — I mean, her only real job was to mimic what Ru was saying — but man, she seemed a mess. A pleasant, giddy, mess — but a mess.