La Perla Removes Rib-Baring Mannequin from Store Following Complaints

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High-end lingerie label La Perla has swiftly removed a mannequin from their New York SoHo location following complaints from passersby (and subsequently the internet) that the mannequin model was far too skinny.


The mannequin began garnering attention Monday evening when concerned citizen Michael Rudoy posted a photo of it on Twitter.

Soon after, it was picked up by truth-in-advertising advocate Seth Matlins who attached the hashtag #notbuyingit.

Following the small internet outcry, La Perla responded, telling Rudoy and Matlins that "the mannequin photographed has been removed from the store and will not be used again by any La Perla boutique."

Their statement continued, "We are in the process of redesigning all La Perla stores with a new concept image and the mannequins that are currently displayed in our US stores will no longer be used. We appreciate and value everyone's comments, thank you for bringing this to our attention."

Well done internet, but it does seem worth noting that, when we're talking waist circumference, this mannequin is not really anymore skinny than any other mannequin. She just makes it a little more obvious.



I think they should have kept it. I think they shold have kept it and used it, together with other mannequins of other sizes. The problem isn't that mannequins are too skinny, the problem is monoculture. People are different, mannequins should also be different, to convey and condone that fact. Saying that ribs are yucky is like saying women whose ribs are showing are also yucky, and that's pretty mean.