Kristen Wiig's Humble Start With The X-Men

When most Saturday Night Live cast members are asked where they got their career started, we tend to hear the same answers: Chicago's Second City, L.A.'s Groundlings, and the UCB Theater right here in New York. Kristen Wiig, however, has a much more interesting story to tell.


On the Late Show, Wiig recalled how she began her career in Los Angeles: at the Universal Studios theme park. First, as a waitress in one of their restaurants — until she got promoted to act in the X-Men live show. She played a news reporter throughout the play, but was also given the task of wrangling up park guests to come see the show. The worst part? She had to advertise by excitedly alerting guests that there were "mutants on the loose!" — only then ask them to wait for the show to begin again on the start of the hour. And now, her role in Adventureland suddenly makes perfect sense.


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