Kristen Stewart's Helpful Mom Helpfully Confirms Daughter's Gayness

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In an interview with the Sunday Mirror, Jules Stewart, mother of Kristen Stewart, confirmed her daughter’s romantic relationship with personal assistant Alicia Cargile. Good to know that no matter how famous you get, your mom will always remain an embarrassing over-sharer.


As reported by Mirror UK:

Jules, 55, told the Sunday Mirror she has met Alicia and that the couple are very happy together.

She added: “What’s not to be accepting about her now having a girlfriend? She’s happy.

“She’s my daughter, I’m just her mom so she knows I would accept her choices.

“I’ve met Kristen’s new girlfriend, I like her. What’s not to accept? She’s a lovely girl.”

Jules also discussed her daughter’s previous relationship with Robert Pattinson, saying:

“They were a great couple, but she’s 25 years old and I’d like to see her have a lot more life experience before she chooses someone to settle down with.

I’m very sad that Kristen and Robert didn’t have a chance to be alone together, they had to have the whole world with them and all the public stuff ruined everything, life became overwhelming.”

And best of all:

“Kristen has learnt to handle her emotions and deal with her problems through the martial arts.”


Thank you for the update, Jules. I’m sure Kristen appreciates it, too.

[Mirror UK]


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Illustration for article titled Kristen Stewart's Helpful Mom Helpfully Confirms Daughter's Gayness

Kristina Karo, the “childhood friend” who was suing Mila Kunis for chicken larceny, has dropped her lawsuit agains Kunis because, as she tells TMZ, “I’ve learned to forgive in my heart the people who have wronged me, like Mila.”

Karo previously claimed that Kunis stole her pet chicken Doggie when they were children in Ukraine. In a classic chicken thief move, Kunis mocked the accusation. Karo, being both an amazing performer and the bigger person, has taken the high road, saying, “There is only one judge and that is God. I pray for her soul and the soul of Doggie, that he has found peace finally in chicken heaven.”


And so ends the greatest courtroom drama of our time. [TMZ]

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