Kristen Bell was spotted buying a bed off Craigslist because while many celebrities pretend to be just like us, Bell is actually for real just like us. Except richer, prettier, and better in every way. But you get the idea.

Sometime on Tuesday in the city of Los Angeles, Veronica Mars herself loaded the bed, which included a wooden frame and a twin-size mattress, into her pickup before driving away with her new loot. And guess who helped her pick up the bed? DICK CASABLANCAS, JR!!

I know this is not a news story at all in any way, shape, or form, but it's the day after Thanksgiving and this is the shit that flies today. I'm eating a pie while I type this. This is the New Jezebel.

For the record, watching her on Punk'd (I KNOW) made me fall in love with her so hard because that's the exact shade of pissed I get around people who are shitty to animals.



Photo via Getty