Kourtney & Khloé: Why Your Sister Shouldn't Give You A Bikini Wax

Illustration for article titled iKourtney  Khloé/i: Why Your Sister Shouldnt Give You A Bikini Wax

Khloé Kardashian forgot to get a bikini wax before her husband, Lamar Odom, came to town, so her sister Kourtney—who has been waxing herself for years—offered to do the job. The story ended with a badly burned vagina.


Khloé has never allowed her husband to see her vagina in its natural "hairy beast" form. (Although, earlier in the episode, she did say that she likes to leave a little bit of hair down there, so she doesn't "feel like a 13-year-old.") Kourtney has discussed her waxing prowess in previous episodes, claiming that she gave herself the "best bikini wax in town" before she started getting laser treatments. Khloé agreed to let her sister wax her, mostly for the fun of it. However, after reheating the wax, Kourtney inadvertently burned Khloé's labia.

The girls treated the burn with a knife and butter pat, until the father of Kourtney's child walked in and handed them a bag of frozen peas, essentially creating something of a stir-fry on Khloé's crotch.

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I saw this on the Soup. The best part is Scott coming in with the baby and being SO matter of fact and not even bothered by what he is witnessing. Its quite endearing.