Kourtney Kardashian Doesn't Let Her Kids Watch the Show Because the Content is 'Not Appropriate'

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My favorite sister from Calabasas Kourtney Kardashian won’t let her angel baby children watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians because the content is just “not appropriate.”

Kardashian landed the cover of October’s Cosmopolitan and clarified that her children have seen some of the show, but certainly not all of it.

“They’ve seen some of it, but no. I was in the shower, he [Mason] woke up, and it happened to be on. He was like, ‘Who is Blac Chyna? And Kiki [Kim] showed Larsa [Pippen] her vagina!’ I was like, this is why they don’t watch the show. Some of the content is just not appropriate.”


How strange it must be to inhabit a world where you step into the shower, leave the TV on as an afterthought and emerge in a towel as your child watches a strange simulacrum of the world he’s always known and his aunt is showing a family friend her vagina and laughing about it.

The interview also touched upon the Taylor Swift debacle, but Kourt stuck to the party line about that, saying, “It’s her husband, and he’s family. The truth is the truth, so why not let it be known?” Fair! And, when asked about whether or not she and Scott Disick will end up together – I am sincerely hoping they don’t, he is the worst – she said, “To me, it’s in God’s hands..”

Can’t argue with that logic.


Baylee Curran, the woman who called 911 and brought the police to Chris Brown’s house for that ridiculous stand off yesterday that resulted in his arrest, might not be that innocent.


According to TMZ, one of Curran’s friends, Christian Bonilla, popped up on TMZ Live today to regale us all with this yarn.

Christian says Baylee texted him, “This mother******’s about to go down” ... a little odd.

And Christian also says Baylee’s not the kind of person you want to get angry.

Chris claims she made the whole thing up out of anger, because he kicked her out of his house.


Hmmmmm. “...a little odd” indeed, TMZ! Meanwhile, over on Instagram, Curran hasn’t done much except leave this image, from a movie that she’s shooting, up for Chris Brown’s fans to tear apart.


I get that this is from a movie, but if your loud-mouthed friend is yawping to TMZ about how you masterminded this whole thing and you’re apparently “not the kind of person you want to get mad,” wouldn’t it seem prudent to not post a picture of you on set chloroforming some girl in an ovesized sweatshirt?

I’m not defending Brown here in the slightest, because he is indisputably trash, but girl, pull it together. Manage your shit!



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I feel bad for women like Ariana Grande who are so young looking. I know she’s an adult woman but I still wince inadvertently when I hear stuff like what her new song is about. I have to stop and remind myself that no, she's not actually a baby. She'll be laughing at everyone in 20 years though when her skin is still wrinkle free and she's still getting carded.