Kirstie Alley On Oprah: Weight-Gain Humiliation, Jealousy Of Valerie Bertinelli

Yesterday, Kirstie Alley was on Oprah candidly talking about how she "fell off the wagon" of eating right, and gained all the weight back (and then some) she'd lost as a Jenny Craig spokesperson.

Kirstie's honesty was really refreshing, as her story is relatable for many women. And while she used humor — when describing how she literally had her home gym renovated into a dining room after her Jenny Craig contract was up, and how paparazzi from TMZ will chase her in airports, calling her a fat ass, in order to get reaction shots — her heartache was still evident, particularly when speaking about the success that Valerie Bertinelli has had on the weight-loss program.


Kirstie says that she's on the path to recovery, and has began taking care of herself again, but admits that she can't get the goal of a "bikini body" out of her mind, as unhealthy as she knows it is to compare herself to other women.

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Mama Penguino

I remember reading an article in Oprah's magazine a couple years ago about an African-American woman (doctor maybe?) who overhauled her eating and exercise habits and what resonated most with me was how she admitted it was a full time job. She said the sheer time she spent planning and doing it all left her no free time, really. The next month, that annoying columnist, Martha Beck, wrote an article about weight-loss saying she didn't buy people's excuses, that it was just a matter of not eating so much. I was so frustrated by then, but my main point is I've done the beautiful body life and it did take up the lion's share of my free time and with a child now, I'm not willing to give up any free time to think about, let alone DO, all the crap necessary. /end of rant