Kim K's Klear Plastic Pumps Are a Petri Dish for Foot Fungi

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The clear shoes that Kim Kardashian West has been wearing out and about in support of her husband’s clothing line are... a choice for some and not for all. They are also probably going to give Kim a foot infection, so good luck with that!


Page Six tracked down a “podiatrist to the stars” who weighed in with common sense and medicine, saying that nothing good will come of shoving your swollen summer feet into a pair of plastic stilettos with no airholes. “Without aeration, the most environment can exacerbate pre-existing fungal conditions or bacterial infections, in addition to increasing your risk for blisters,” Dr. Suzanne Levine said. Mmm, yes. Bisters! Fungal conditions! Athlete’s foot! Summer!!!

Levine also notes that cramming your tootsie into this shoe will also make your feet sweat like crazy and smell like a compost bin with its top off sitting in the direct sun. Walking is hard when your feet are creating a sludge of dead skin cells and sweat and you’re tooted up on a stiletto heel, yes?

Every so often, the daemon that lives inside my Instagram feed tries to convince me that I want clear plastic shoes—nothing quite like this, but in the neighborhood. I have resisted the idea though as summer wears on, my defenses weaken. On one hand, I get the appeal—a clear shoe goes with EVERYTHING!!!—but no one’s foot looks attractive shoved into a plastic shooty with everything and everything out on display.

Your feet must be absent blisters, weird bumps, long, wiry hairs, and the toes must be done at all times. The ground you walk on is slick with your own exertion—sweat, dead skin, funk—and your small toes must white-knuckle with every step. The shoe will fog up with sweat, causing the tender top part of your foot to gush blood from the chafing. Strangers will stare at the great effort your feet are undertaking, as every step is possibly your last.

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I lived through the jelly shoe nightmare of the 80s and they did a NUMBER on my frickin’ feet so these can piss right off and I’ll stick with sneakers and, because it is roughly the temperature of the sun where I live, a hefty sprinkling of Gold Bond powder inside so nobody has to deal with my unfortunate funk.