Kim Kardashian's 9-Year-Old Sister Works A Stripper Pole

Keeping Up With The Kardashians — the reality show about "accidental" porn star Kim Kardashian and her blended family — premiered on E! last night, and we think it's going to be highly watchable. The show opens with Kim saying, "We have baggage. But it's like Louis Vuitton baggage — you always want it." Which brings us to Kim's momager Kris, and her thoughts on her daughter's "leaked" sex tape (which earned Kim an estimated $5 million): "As a mother, I wanted to kill her. But as a manager, I knew that I had a job to do." It's not surprising that the stage mom's youngest daughters — Kendall, 11, and Kylie, 9 (dad is Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner) — seem to be growing up fairly quickly. Kylie, wearing three-inch heels, proves that she has the potential for a long career in reality television when she swings around a stripper's pole —be prepared to see her as a Rock of Love contestant in 10 years or so! BTW, the pole is installed in the parents' bedroom and was an anniversary present from Kim. Touching!


Dear Mom and Dad,

When I was younger I hated that you wouldn't let me wear high heels. I hated that you wouldn't let me wear makeup (except for light powder and cover-up) until I was 16. I hated that you used to look at the newest trendiest clothes that I was DYING to wear and say, "If you want that, get a job and buy it yourself. We aren't buying that for you." (Mind you, I was 8.) I hated that you used to make the family eat dinner together every night, asked me about my day, made me call you if I was going to be late, insisted I maintain a certain GPA, and insisted on me having a curfew and a job when I hit 16.

Now that I'm a college graduate and master's degree candidate who couldn't work a stripper pole if she tried, all I have to say is thanks.

Love you,