Kim Kardashian Was Very Pleased to Receive Stocks From Kanye West for Christmas

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Photo: Getty

The first time I came across this story, I read it as “socks,” not “stocks,” and was extremely impressed, but what the cold hard truth boils down to is that Kanye West gifted Kim Kardashian money for Christmas. Temperamental money, but money nonetheless.


Specifically, Kanye reportedly bestowed upon his wife a $200,000 portfolio that included stock in the Walt Disney Company, Netflix, Apple, Amazon, and Adidas (which, again, and in my defense, is easily confused with “Adidas socks”—also Kanye did give her Adidas socks, too!).

In an Instagram story caption detailing her present, Kardashian wrote “best husband alert!” indicating she appreciated the gesture immensely.

I wonder, though, what’s so fun about getting a bunch of money when you already have so much money. Unless it’s a big pile of money you can zealously launch yourself upon as if it were several bales of hay. Due to prolific media consumption, I at least sort of get that.

Also, I just decided that this gossip roundup will be couples-themed, because sometimes it takes two to get in the Dirt Bag.


Jenny Slate, Chris Evans, and the family of Chris Evans spent Christmas together. The two rekindled their romance last month.


Apparently I am not Scott Evans’ favorite Jew! Wahhhh.

Typical married couple Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley recreated a nude photo they did twelve years ago to honor ten years since they wed (and a dozen years of having especially nice bathrooms).


According to Heigl, much has changed in the intervening years, for instance, she not longer smokes or does bathroom photoshoots in the middle of the night. And now instead of a multi-colored sweatband her husband just wraps his head in duct tape, but love burns eternal!


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Honestly at this point Kim and Kanye should just give each other gag gifts on Christmas, like the Royal Family does. I just can’t see the point of gifting someone with more money than she knows what to do with, more money.