Images via Getty. Photoshop by Aimee Lutkin.
Images via Getty. Photoshop by Aimee Lutkin.


Jenny Slate and Chris Evans were an item way back in 2016, before we knew how much we needed their love as a symbol of hope for America. They broke up in February of this year, and it was painful, but so was so much else at the time. The two recently engaged in some public Twitter flirtation, and it turns out that their chemistry expanded beyond the character maximum. People reports it’s BACK ON:

Earlier this week, Slate was spotted helping Evans hunt for a new apartment in Tribeca. (He’s starring in a new play, Lobby Hero, on Broadway next year.)

They looked happy and “very much back together” during the outing, a witness tells PEOPLE.

Yes! THANK YOU for giving the people what they want and need. Evans is Captain America in the Marvel film franchise, and is not so subtly positioned as its true hero. This is my opinion, but also Cap is very deliberately in the front of the group’s last attack in the Infinity War trailer, right? I’m not saying he should be the series’s hero, just that he is.

And I want to see Captain Freaking America with someone like Jenny Slate, an incredibly funny, talented, gorgeous woman who is also extremely relatable and not just some random-ass model who he trades in every two months like some “heart throbs.” Okay, is this rude? Two hot celebrities are dating, it’s not that notable. But it is, though. YESSSSS!!!

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The Noble Renard

Literally was just saying to my GF last night that Chris Evans dating Jenny Slate made him the #1 Chris, above Hemsworth (#2, just fine, also Thor: Ragnarok was fantastic), EDIT Pine (#3, just... you know, totally a person who is there), and Pratt (#4, as while Andy is great, he’s not).

/ETA: fixed because Chris Pine is so basic I just forgot he existed.