Kim Kardashian Was 'Bound and Gagged' During Paris Robbery, the 'Worst Moment' of Her Life

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More upsetting details about the robbery of Kim Kardashian in Paris Sunday night have been revealed, and the experience sounds just horrifying. TMZ reports “at least 2 gunmen bound and gagged Kim with handcuffs and tape and then put her in the bathtub.” She then “begged them to spare her life, telling them she had babies at home.”


Writes TMZ:

The gunmen knew exactly what they were doing ... we’re told they beelined it for her jewelry and took a $4.5 million ring and a jewelry box.

After the gunmen left she was able to break out of the restraints and called for help.

We’re told Kim was badly shaken but unharmed, calling it “the worst moment in my life.”


Meanwhile, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, told concerned residents and visitors to her city that Kardashian’s experience “in no way affects the safety of Parisian public spaces,” and that she has “every confidence in the police to quickly identify and apprehend the perpetrators.”

Speaking of perpetrators, they might be from “a network of around 200" jewel thieves known as the Pink Panthers! What a clever name.

Writes The Daily Mail:

The raid on Kim Kardashian’s apartment has all the hallmarks of the Pink Panthers, a gang of super-criminals who have got away with tens of millions of pounds in jewels in high-profile heists since 1984.



Michael Che and Colin Jost, SNL’s Weekend Update men, were interviewed on a Politico podcast called “Off Message.” Here’s what they said when asked about Donald Trump.

Michael Che: “Should he be president? No. You know, let’s not pretend that this guy is a mutant and he’s the most evil, racist, mutant piece of crap that ever walked. Listen, there’s probably somebody in your building way worse than Donald Trump, and you buy bagels from him, and it’s fine. You know what I mean?”

Colin Jost: “It’s strange. [Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump] are both super smart people and super hardworking people.”

Michael Che: “And you can’t deny that. That’s what bothers me, when people make it seem like, ‘You know what? I’m smarter than Donald Trump.’ Like no, you’re not, all right?”


That’s what’s strange, Colin?

That’s what bothers you, Michael?


Reese Witherspoon saw Dolly Parton at the Hollywood Bowl yesterday and wouldn’t shut up about it!!


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The Real Unsharer

I’m seeing an awful lot of people online this morning on various news sites commenting on the Kim story saying “they should have killed her.” or “too bad she survived, because she’s a whore.”

Kim is a human being and nobody deserves to have something like this happen to them. Period.