Kim Kardashian Met With French Authorities to Testify In Paris Robbery Case

Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty

A brief update on the ongoing saga of Kim Kardashians robbery: she met with the judge and the attorneys in the case on Wednesday in New York, where she reportedly told her side of the story.


TMZ reports that Kim was “chitchatting with the judge” in a hotel room in a manner that I assume was less casual than “chitchatting” suggests. TMZ’s sources claim that she was meeting wit them in order to identify the two men who held her at gunpoint in her hotel room in Paris on October 3, stole a shitload of expensive jewelry and traumatized her to the point where she took a three month break from social media and the public eye.

Why didn’t Kim go to Paris? Why did the judge and the attorneys come to her? The French legal system sounds a lot more relaxed than ours, if I’m being frank: in criminal cases, judges are allowed to travel to meet the alleged victims wherever they may be in order to hear their testimony and the alleged victims don’t have to undergo cross-examination. That sounds like it’s way less stressful for the victim, but also like a French criminal case might take a really long time? I’m not a lawyer nor am I an expert on the French legal system, but I’m just saying.

Godspeed, Kim. Hope this gets resolved soon.


Ciara and Russell Wilson, a singer and a football player, are about to have a baby. Technically, Ciara’s about to have the baby, but I digress. Anyway, Russ sat down with Mario Lopez, a man I always forget is still working, on “Extra” to talk about the baby, football, and the Microsoft Surface Tablet.

Here are the highlights of their conversation:

  • He knows when the baby is due: “I can’t say exactly, we haven’t told a lot of people. It’s getting close.”
  • He and Ciara know the gender, but aren’t telling anyone: “You want to make it special.”
  • They have already chosen a name(!!) and it’s a “special one”(!!!)
  • He thinks the Patriots will win the Superbowl (ugh, but he’s probably right, Tom Brady always wins and I don’t like it!!).
  • He uses a Microsoft Surface tablet to keep in touch with Ciara when they’re apart and to “collect photos he takes as a hobby.” The NFL uses Microsoft Surface tablets, too, by the way.

The clip is honestly half Russell Wilson saying the things I have clearly laid out for you and half a Microsoft Surface tablet tutorial/ad from Russell to Mario Lopez, with love. For that alone, it is worth your time.


The imminent arrival of Twinsoncé continues to touch the lives of many.


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