Kim Kardashian Goes On NPR Quiz Show, Is Funnier Than Paid Panelists

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Kim Kardashian is a producer, model, internet-breaker and now the published author of a book of selfies. She’s also an expert on North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, as she proved on this week’s Wait Wait...Don’t Tell Me, which she completely charmed her way through.


Before answering any questions about Dear Leader, Kim K. talked about what she would name her new baby—not South because that will never be as good a direction as North—and her new book, which is, yes, a collection of her own selfies, taken by hand and not with a stick. She also discusses renting out the Staples center so Kanye could play basketball because she hadn’t finished building his backyard basketball court and readily admitted (she actually interrupted the question) that she’s taken more pictures of herself than any photographer known to man.

Kim wins the game, by the way. Harper’s Bazaar claims that she only got one out of three questions right, but whoever wrote the piece must not listen to this game show on a weekly basis as they’re cleaning their bathroom. The host always helps celebrities because there’s no way that any of us are going to know some of the obscure stuff that’s being thrown the celeb’s way.

Listen to the segment and then see if you can disagree about the fact that Kim seems both self-aware and genuine as she struggles to understand why Kim Jong Un has anything to say about mushrooms.

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peter sagal/doug stamper’s good twin was out this week and the panel quality always drops when he’s not there