Kim Kardashian was on QVC last night, shilling her eponymous perfume. When explaining why she chose a circular bottle, she said, "To me, it smelled like a real woman, sexy, curvy…and I thought a round bottle just went with it."

OK, I understand that it's important to avoid "dead air" on live television, which means that the people on QVC have to talk a lot of nonsense when bantering about an item. I also get that it's a unique challenge to convince people to buy something based solely on how it smells, which is probably really difficult to convey with words. But perhaps it would've been better to compare the fragrance to an actual scent (certain flowers, flavors, etc.), rather than a form.

And ohmigod, "volumptuous" is not a word! I blame Maybelline's Lash Stiletto mascara commercial for this.