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Kim Kardashian Didn't Realize Kanye West Was Having a Breakdown

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

Kanye West reportedly began showing signs of mental collapse as far back as Halloween, a friend of the musician and apparent Trump supporter told People.


In the two weeks following his prolonged stay at UCLA medical center for a bout of psychosis brought on by exhaustion, West’s health has been improving, but he’s not back yet.

“He’s recovering, but not recovered,” a West friend tells PEOPLE exclusively. “He’s sick and every day he gets better.”

“He wasn’t making a lot of sense when he talked, and he was texting a lot of strange stuff to people,” said the source.


Whether that accounts for his decision to show up at Trump Tower for a photo-op with the president-elect is unclear. The visit was limited to a 15-minute chat about “life” and “multicultural issues,” and concluded with a hug from Trump and the order that West take care of himself.

As well he should: A source also told People that Kanye’s marriage to Kim Kardashian was strained even before he was hospitalized:

“The divorce rumors come from before he had the breakdown. She didn’t know what was up with him and they weren’t spending time together. She didn’t realize it was a mental breakdown,” the source tells PEOPLE.


Oh reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaally? GO ON.


What, that’s it?


Oh OK.

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Being in a relationship with someone who has bipolar and is unmediated can be devastating. It feels impossible to stay and impossible to leave. Never thought I’d feel so much empathy for Kim.