Kanye West Will Graciously Delay His Own Plans for the Presidency to Allow Donald Trump a Second Term

Photo: AP

This morning, President-elect Donald Trump took a meeting with the troubled musician Kanye West, whose affirmation of support for Trump in recent weeks was seen at the time as evidence of his then-impending breakdown. Turns out, he’s just a fan.


West, accompanied by Kris Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble and a videographer, arrived at Trump Tower Tuesday morning at 9:13 a.m., according to the press pool. He was there for about an hour, and left the building accompanied by Trump, who told assembled reporters the two “discussed life.”

What do they have to talk about? The two men have quite a bit in common—experience on reality TV; a pathological need to vomit regrettable messages onto Twitter; other things, I’m sure. So it’s only fitting West expounded on their meeting in a series of tweets Tuesday afternoon.


And then—a message indicating West will wait until 2024 to run for president so that Trump might serve a second term. How incredibly gracious of him.


Anyway, this is what the president-elect is doing with the last month he has to learn how the presidency works.

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