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Kim Kardashian Accused Of Copying Alexis Bittar Jewelry

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Jewelry designer Alexis Bittar says Kim Kardashian has been knocking off his designs for her jewelry line, and he's no longer going to lend her his pieces to wear. "In the reality TV world, there are so many people coming out with lines to capitalize on their TV shows. They are not designers and they are just stealing," says Bittar. "I passed the Dash pop-up store on Broadway, and I saw that Kim's pieces were very similar to mine, and she definitely has been taking note. The tricky thing is that we have sent pieces to Kim in the past to wear, so now I have told my staff we cannot send anything to her. She was definitely influenced by my designs without a doubt." To this we ask only: but does Alexis Bittar sell a gold hair comb with dangly chain bits that looks like a grown-up version of when you used to play princess by putting your mom's necklaces on your head as a kid? Well, does he? Kardashian's rep calls any similarities between Bittar's work and Kardashian's Belle Noel jewelry line "coincidental," which surely explains the eery likeness between those earrings by Bittar (left) and these ones by Kim Kardashian (right). The Kardashians recently knocked off a well-known Botkier handbag for their Sears line. [NYPost, Styleite, Previously]


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Australian plus-size model Robyn Lawley nabbed one of the covers of the new French Revue des Modes. Featured on other covers are Ajak Deng (also pictured), Alyssa Miller, Charlotte Free, Hana Jirickova, Lisanne de Jong, Jasmine Tookes, Marloes Horst, Nicole Trunfio, Sabrina Nait, Xiao Wen Ju, and Cris Urena. [FGR]

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Women's Wear Daily gives New Jersey governor Chris Christie a C at wearing suits. "The lack of upper-body definition makes the shoulders slope down and projects an image of weakness," writes the esteemed fashion trade. That's actually a higher grade than most New Jersey voters give Christie at, well, governing; his approval rating is around 50%, and in key policy areas many voters think he merits only a D or an F. [WWD]

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Speaking of men's wear, here's the lookbook for the tuxedo line the Situation is endorsing. "They approached me because I'm a trendsetter. DTF has a new meaning: Down to Formal!" says the Sitch. [MTV Style]

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This is Karl Lagerfeld's new collection of stemware. He says Chanel is fine with him pursuing projects on the side — just this year, he's designed a pen and done ads for Diet Coke and Magnum ice cream. "I can do whatever I want. Exclusivité is very démodé," says the Kaiser. Also, he seems to be laboring under the impression that he invented the glass coaster. Shhhh. Let's not tell him. [AD]

  • Marc Jacobs says Kate Moss asked him if she could walk in the Louis Vuitton show. He said yes. Moss walked in the fall show back in March wearing a black leather outfit, tall boots, and no pants; apparently more than 2000 pairs of the $2363 boots she wore have been sold worldwide. [Fashionologie]

    Singer Sky Ferreira kissed Lara Stone during the shooting of the new campaign for CK One perfume. "I just let her take the lead because I didn't want to offend her in any way. There was no tongue or anything, so it wasn't too racy. It was sweet and innocent. Well, kind of!" [Elle]

    George Clooney once went to Silvio Berlusconi's house. "He showed me the bed that Putin had given him and asked me to stay for a party. I was like, I have to go." Unrelatedly, Clooney has no plans to join Twitter. "I drink in the evening and I don't want something I write at midnight to end my career. It would be ‘you can kiss my ass,' all spelled wrong." [WWD]

    "I love Tavi. What I love about her so much is she's such a cool girl. We're the same age," says Hailee Steinfeld. "And her blog is the coolest thing in the world. We have so much in common." [Fashionista]

    David Lynch (yes, that David Lynch) opened his club, Silencio, in Paris. Numerous events were held there during fashion week, including Kanye West's after-party (which apparently made the designer Damir Doma's after-party, also at Silencio, to end early). It's going well. "I'm a big Lynch fan; I can't get enough of Mulholland Drive," said Thakoon Panichgul. "Somebody said there was a party at Silencio. I said Silencio as in Mulholland Drive Silencio? And that's all I needed to know." [NYTimes]

    Rachel Bilson and her stylist are going to design some shoes, which Steve Madden will produce, for a new site called ShoeMint. Let's hope it goes a little better than that time she "designed" dresses for DKNY Jeans. [WWD]

    AdAge named Vogue its magazine of the year. [AdAge]

    Ready for some career-advice bromides from Anna Wintour? "Listen to other people whose opinions you respect, but in the end, it has to come from you. You can't really worry too much by looking to the left or to the right about what the competition might be doing or what other people in your field might be doing. It has to be a true vision." [Forbes]

    Dutch model Anne-Marie Van Dijk has founded an organization called Cleanse, which aims to improve young models' access to health care. Models mostly lack health insurance in the U.S. and travel frequently, sometimes for long periods, and the industry can be hard on your body. Under Van Dijk's plan, new models will meet with Cleanse counselors through their agencies, who can arrange for them to see nutritionists, psychologists, and personal trainers. (We'd add good old general practitioners to that list, but still this is a start.) It's all free of charge — in fact, for now, it's all funded by Van Dijk herself. [Well and Good]

    Tory Burch: "I'd say I've surprised myself and the people who knew me then. I had a different style at Penn, I was a tomboy — and I still am a little bit of a tomboy." [AP]

    L'Oréal is developing a pill to "cure" gray hair which it plans to have on the market by 2015. You'd have to start taking it about ten years before your first gray hairs appear — in our case, that would have been age 9 — and continue taking it for life. Sounds lucrative! [MSNBC]

    Carine Roitfeld hosted a dinner to celebrate the publication of her book, Irreverent. It was Halloween-themed, so Riccardo Tisci showed up dressed as a vampire. [ONTD]

    And now, a moment with Anna Wintour, who offers the following assessment of Kanye West's début collection:

    "Ask someone else."

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