Kids Singing the National Anthem Might Actually Make You Patriotic

This is not exactly an easy song to sing — I mean, if Roseanne can't hit the notes, what hope is there for the rest of us?! — but these little ones deliver the vocal beat down of the year unto the National Anthem.

[Hoopla Ha]

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I'm gonna go out on a really weird limb here and ask if I'm the only one that feels REALLY uncomfortable with elaborate patriotic displays? Like, okay, go USA and all, but we aren't the BEST country in the world and being a patriot has been stolen and rebranded by the old GOP mouthbreathers who want to restrict my uterus and all.

I mean, we have a damn snazzy flag and all, but as we get closer to the 4th and everyone is all "RAH RAH USA" I just get uncomfortable. It really crystallized for me when I was playing Bioshock Infinite and there was so much nationalism and patriotism and it was just so... malignant and disingenuous. That's what I feel patriotism has been degraded to in real life. Someone awful people can hide behind and we can't call them out on anything because they "love America" and I must not love America. But I do, I just want to see it suck less.

I don't know how to explain it, but it really bothers me. :/