Kids Reacting to Same-Sex Marriage Might Make Your Ovaries Explode

Hey, maybe Macklemore is doing some good!

The Fine Bros. continue to create Internet catnip with their series of asking kids what they think about current events and issues. The children's reactions are by and large "yay love!", with an exception — I'm looking at you, cute-ass/possibly-evil eyebrows. It'd be interesting to interview that kid's parents.


I can't wait for marriage equality so I can marry all those kids! (I joke; I joke. I only want to marry dogs.)

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Couple of years ago, my then-9 year old asked what it meant that some people are gay. I said, "Most boys like to be smoochy with girls, but some boys like to be smoochy with boys. Most girls like to be smoochy with boys, but some girls like to be smoochy with girls. Meh, it doesn't matter who's who. What matters is that when people are smoochy, they treat each other with love and respect." And he was all, "Oh that makes sense. Can we have tacos for dinner some night soon?"

Children take the lead from adults. This is not news.