Kids Rap About Science, Somehow Don't Look Like Total Nerdburgers

Apparently the GZA is on to something*, rapping helps kids learn.


As part of the same program started by Dr. Chris Emdin of Columbia University's Teachers College, these ninth graders are learning all about science by rapping ionic bond with gauge bosons. It's working, and now I want to watch kids rap about mitochondria all day long.

They're so cool and smart that it only highlights what dorkus malorkuses the anchors are. "Where was he when I needed that kind of stuff." "No kidding, right? They didn't have rap back then! They didn't for me, at least." Ugh, TV banter, you are the worst. Oh well, I'm just thankful they didn't end their story with a rap — you know they thought about it!


*/everything. Pretty sure the GZA is onto everything.

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Could that dude anchor be more condescending? "PSH. Whatever works. Call me when they're having the Smooth Science Jazz competition."