As if being in middle school wasn't already the worst, now parents have the option of temporarily branding their child's arm with a list of known allergies. Next stop? Learning how to market these things as something other than NERD CITY, POPULATION: Kid with the allergy tattoo.

Deemed "safety tats" (cool name!), they stick to the child's arm and parents write on the necessary allergy info. Since food allergies affect millions of kids, this can't be a bad idea โ€” especially when the kid is far away from home or in a large, unruly group. Plus, parents are probably effectively scaring their children off getting real tattoos for the rest of their life โ€” so it's a win/win, right?

Or maybe I'm wrong and kids will think these are cool and it'll trickle down to my old-ass and I'll be wearing one for fashion in 2016. Who knows!