Khloe Says She Was Contractually Obligated to Talk About Lamar with People

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On Wednesday, People magazine ran a cover story with Khloe Kardashian in which she confirmed that though she’s called off her divorce with Lamar Odom following his recent medical struggles, it “does not mean I’m back with Lamar.” But as the article has been aggregated on a bevy of websites, Khloe has apparently been criticized for seeking attention during an incredibly personal and difficult time for herself and Odom.

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This morning, Khloe sent out a series of tweets clarifying that, though the cover promises that “The reality star spoke to People about her new life—just hours before Lamar Odom was found unconscious. Now Khloe opens up about her bedside vigil and what’s next”—the bulk of the interview was done prior to Lamar’s health issues, and is about her new book Strong Looks Better Naked.


The interview in People begins with the details about Lamar and Khloe’s relationship as an introduction, clarifying that while her original interview on her new book with the magazine was done Tuesday October 13, the same day she found out about Lamar, the details about whether they would stay together were added in a separate interview later that day while she was at the hospital with him. The introduction starts, quite dramatically, as follows:

It should have been a fun day. On Oct. 13, Khloe Kardashian playfully posed for photos for People and then spoke candidly about life, love and her doomed marriage to Lamar Odom. But just hours later she learned the heartbreaking news that Odom, who turns 36 on Nov. 6, had been found unresponsive at a Nevada brothel. After flying to his bedside in Las Vegas—and taking control of all medical decisions while refusing to leave his side as he battle pneumonia and kidney damage—a decidedly more somber Kardashian spoke to People’s Aili Nahas, this time in whispers as she sat in the room with Odom. “You never know what to expect in life,” she says. “I love Lamar, and I’ll always be there for him like I promised.”


The magazine has clearly turned what was mostly an interview promoting the new book into coverage about Lamar. But though Khloe says she only did a five-minute “phoner” in the hospital, the spread also includes an additional “Exclusive Update” on “How Lamar Is Really Doing” that Khloe reportedly gave on October 23, in which she says that she’s taking care of him because she cares for him but also because “He doesn’t have a support system.” (She also confirms that she is still with her boyfriend James Harden of the Houston Rockets, who has been “great.”) Other sections include information on how her brother Rob has coped with the loss of Lamar from his life and an excerpt from her book called “Why My Marriage Ended.”

Meanwhile, the staff of People is probably pretty happy.

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i believe her. khloe has always seemed fairly normal, and her relationship with lamar seemed real enough, though it ended sadly.

she seems to be really there for him, which i think says a lot about her.

shame on people for exploiting it. it’s all just so sad :(