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Khloé & Lamar Might Be The Best Kardashian Inc. Has To Offer

The announcement that there would be a third spin off of the flagship show Keeping Up With the Kardashians—this time about newlyweds Khloé and Lamar—led some to wonder whether the reality TV family had finally over-saturated the genre. But last night's premiere offered something a little different than the typical heavily made-up faces and sibling wrestling for which the Kardashian sisters are known.

Bringing the Odom family into the mix presents a story that completely contrasts the Kardashians' affluent upbringing. In last night's episode, the audience was introduced to Joe Odom, Lamar's father and last-remaining immediate family member. However, due to Joe's long history of heroin addiction, their relationship is strained, with Lamar keeping him at an arm's length even though he does pay Joe's rent and gives him an allowance. It's something of a raw topic for the Kardashian TV brand, which usually relies on overtly staged events for its plots.


It doesn't hurt that Khloé is the breakout star of the family—with her frank talk and relatability—making the sister with the sex tape seem totally boring in comparison. Her strong personality, when teamed with Lamar disclosing the skeletons in his family's closet, loud farting, and their efforts to conceive kind of hits all the points on the map for a watchable series.

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Really? I find Khloe to be insufferable (even though they all are). She is ignorant, rude, and man, have you heard her baby voice? It's the most obnoxious thing in the world. And didn't Lamar not want to be on reality TV?