Khloe Kardashian Is Very Mature

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Last night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which is in its 15th (??!) season, broached the subject of Tristan Thompson’s infamous cheating scandal, which occurred in Khloe Kardashian’s third trimester of pregnancy. Khloe, 34, tweeted along with the episode and provided insight into her emotional state at the time. One of the most bizarre practices in a family noted for its... bizarreness is their tendency to live tweet/watch along with episodes of their reality TV series.


Anyway, in this episode, Khloe, in a tasteful, birthing center-appropriate “no makeup” makeup look, is shown giving birth to baby True, with her sisters and mom and Tristan by her side. Kim, a passive aggressive Libra, makes a throat cutting motion behind Tristan’s back before reluctantly offering a hug. In her voiceover, Khloe says that she wanted Tristan to be present for the birth of his daughter despite his infidelity, stating:

“Don’t make permanent decisions off temporary emotions. Me and Tristan will deal with him and I at a later time. I want to experience this magical moment, and I want this for me and my daughter, and for him at the end of the day.”

She also revealed on Twitter that she “acted immaturely” in response Tristan’s cheating. I was initially hoping that this was her cryptic way of telling us that she’d cheated back, but alas. Also “rage at being publicly cheated on” isn’t, or shouldn’t be, a temporary emotion, Khloe, you hate that man for as long as you need to. So she initially behaved “immaturely,” but pulled it together because she wanted to bury the hatchet for her daughter’s birth. I mostly want to know more about Khloe’s makeup during delivery. I can tell that she isn’t completely bare-faced, but the daubs of contour and bronzer and aggressively over lined lips are, thankfully, absent. As the majority of the sisters have given birth, how long before a “Kardashian Kosmetics Birthing Beauty” drop, featuring matching palettes for mom and newborn, and a tutorial for achieving their respective hospital looks? I’d buy it.

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Over the weekend, Hailey Baldwin, who married Justin Bieber earlier this year, without a prenuptial agreement, changed her Instagram handle to reflect her wedded status: she is now @haileybieber. Mrs. Bieber posted a few snaps, and Mr. Bieber, who is currently taking a break from new music or material, left a few moderately horny comments. “Ur just too much,” he left under one photo. “Holy crap this is hot,” he said under another. My personal favorite? “U turn me on.”

Why does Bieber’s flirtation remind me of like the horniest kid at an Evangelical church camp? Why does he not properly spell out “you” and “your?” It takes a microsecond to type out the “O” and “Y” to accompany the “U.” Spell out your pronouns and determinants, you naughty boy.


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I have always generally wondered about people who stay together ‘for the kids’. For why??????

Why expose the self-same children to your toxic nonsense? I know a couple that did this and they basically hate one another but the guy refuses to leave ‘because the kids need both parents’. Huh?