It's 'Hailey Bieber' Now

Hailey Baldwin is now Hailey Bieber in the eyes of God and Instagram, the two most powerful forces in the universe.


Justin’s Wife (née, “Hailey Baldwin, With Whom Justin Did Not Sign A Prenup”) has officially changed her Instagram handle to @haileybieber. This likely required the help of Justin Bieber or The Actual Lord or both, since fat chance that handle wasn’t already jealously guarded by a very aspirational mega fan. According to TMZ, “Justin’s team reached out to the platform Friday to ask about updating her account.” A handle change before the weekend was even up? What else can Justin’s team do?? Can they put out the Camp fire? Can they stop climate change altogether? Has anyone tried asking?

The handle @haileybaldwin has already been snatched up, so good luck to her getting that back. In other closely related news, Mrs. Bieber was caught following and then unfollowing a Selena Gomez fan account, and even went so far as to (allegedly) message the account’s owner to apologize for the mistake. Oh, girl. I mean, @HaileyBieber.


The Noble Renard

They picked that picture? She looks very uncomfortable and unclear about where to put her head that’s not just smushing it face down into the deck of the yacht.