Kevin Connolly's Online Meltdown Reveals He's No Ladies Man

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Kevin Connolly, best known for playing "E", the uptight one on Entourage, hasn't really been in the public eye since the show went off the air. However, he's recently landed a role as an OBGYN in a new CBS sitcom about a pair of male OBGYNs who believe they can have it all. Or whatever. This is ironic, since he's recently been on Twitter and Facebook calling women names.

Katie Nolan, a woman who makes YouTube videos for Guyism, a website that covers important issues like Christina Hendricks' bouncing boobs, first interacted with Connolly when she was perusing Twitter one day. Nolan currently describes him as the "former crush-of-my-life," and so at the time she thought he was the bee's knees. So, when Connolly tweeted something about hockey — Nolan's an aficionado — she publicly replied to him.

Someone Tweeting at a celebrity online? Not weird. I'm basically a one woman Internet creep show when it comes to expressing affection for Mike White via Twitter. However, what happened next is strange — Connolly responded.


Two minutes after she poster her reply, Nolon received this DM:

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She was so psyched that she posted a screengrab of it to her Facebook fan page. Again, not that weird; I have an email I got from Richard Simmons glued on my fridge. No, not with a magnet. With actual glue, because that shit is never coming off.

Nolan writes:

12 people "liked" it, a few commented that they miss Entourage, but most made jokes about Kevin's excessive exclamation points and weak first line. I chimed in that we were having a full-blown conversation in Twitter messages (at that point, we were), and also that people can judge him for being short all they want - I like short guys and was obsessed with the movie John Q because of this one in particular.


Here's the actual thread:

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There's some uncool shit in there, but Nolan isn't involved in it.

The next day or two, Nolan and Connolly DM back and forth quite a bit, and when the hashtag #MentionYourCutestFollower starts trending, Nolan named a few — including Connolly. He then sent her a DM saying he had a crush on her, too.


However the honeymoon didn't last long, because immediately he informed Nolan that he was upset about the "shitty comments" she posted on her Facebook page about him. Although she didn't post anything negative about him — outside of maybe saying he's short, and that she likes short dudes — it was pretty much over between them. The DMing petered off.

But it wasn't over yet. A few evenings later, Connolly found Nolan's Facebook fan page, and proceeded to be a racist, sexist idiot all over it:

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He also charmingly called Nolan ugly multiple times. Yes, the same woman he said he had a crush on earlier; sound familiar, ladies? How many times and in how many ways have women had to deal with the "Do you want to dance? No? Well, you're fat anyhow!"? It's just so tired, it's laughable. Plus, the guy who followed me down the street the other day asking for my number already did it best — when I told him to get lost, he said "Fuck you, Grimace!" I'm fat, you see, and I was wearing purple. He wins; everyone else can stop trying.

Connolly unfollowed and blocked Nolan on Twitter so she couldn't respond to him. In turn, she tweeted publicly that Kevin Connolly was mad at her and her followers. He them DM'ed her and they went back and forth about the names he called people and the names they called him and he was very, very upset pouty face.


First thing about Kevin Connolly: he's doesn't understand that sometimes people say shitty things on the internet, but that doesn't mean he's allowed to say whatever racist, sexist garbage he wants. Second thing about Kevin Connolly: he loves exclamation points even more than I do!!!

Recently, Nolan revived the relationship when she says her followers, knowing their "beef," tweeted the news about his sitcom at her. He was not amused when she made a joke about the fact that he's playing an OBGYN and he doesn't know twat about vaginas. Connolly amazingly bust out the "beast" insult again:


This could go on forever.

For her part, Nolan tells me the whole experience was most upsetting because he attacked her followers.

...the fact that this guy found the time to find me on Facebook and then go to each individual page of anyone that said anything even remotely negative about him and tear them/their loved ones apart that made me feel like he was just a mean person who has no sense of gratitude for where he's at or even just personal decency. And I don't think celebrities should get away with being dicks just because they're celebrities.


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Rebecca "Burt" Rose

I have an email I got from Richard Simmons glued on my fridge.

I completely get this. Kevin Spacey once sort of called me a bitch on Twitter without calling me a bitch, specifically...and it is still sort of like the GREATEST thing that has ever happened to me ever.