Kesha's Going on Tour

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Kesha Rose Sebert, fully embodying the spirit of her beloved butt-rock, is taking her band the Creepies on tour this summer to gritty locales such as Dubuque, Atlantic City, the New York State Fairground in Syracuse, and various incarnations of the Mad Decent Block Party.


Kesha announced the tour on Twitter, in a relaxed and casual video co-starring a nice looking horse (Kesha’s a devoted animal lover):

Kesha’s jaunt with the Creepies is called the “Fuck the World” tour, for probably obvious reasons; in 2014, she filed suit against producer and label head Dr. Luke for alleged sexual assault, eventually seeking just to be freed from her deal with his Sony imprint Kemosabe, which a New York court denied. She is unable to release new music outside of the auspices of Dr. Luke, but doing so would mean giving a cut of the profits to the man she claims raped her. However, she’s been able to play shows here and there—at Coachella in April with Zedd, and at the Billboard Awards in May, though not before the latter performance was nearly cancelled by Dr. Luke.

In the video above, she says she’ll play songs “you’ve never heard me play before, and I may never play again, only a couple shows, so I wanna see you there purely for the love of rock ‘n’ roll in my soul.” Generally, Kesha has been able to perform covers outside of the auspices of her Sony/Kemosabe deal, including the “True Colors” vocal she cut with Zedd, which seems to count because the original version had vocalist Tim James on the track.

Kesha announced the Mad Decent dates in May, and the rest of the tour, which encompasses much of the Rust Belt and will surely get down as only Kesha knows how. Dates and the full poster—which is a little bit Siegfried & Roy, a little bit The Cramps—are below.



UGH how is it possible that Kesha will be in Chicago on my due date?! NO! I need to be at this concert. Not even born yet and already wreaking havock on my social life!