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Kesha Will Appear at This Year's Coachella Despite Ongoing Sony Lawsuit

Illustration for article titled Kesha Will Appear at This Years Coachella Despite Ongoing Sony Lawsuit

Despite her ongoing legal battle with Sony, Kemosabe Records, and producer Dr. Luke, musician Kesha has reportedly been slated to appear at this year’s Coachella, scheduled for April 15-24 in Indio, California. It has not been confirmed whether or not she will sing.

According to Entertainment Weekly:

The singer will attend this year’s Coachella Festival, a source tells EW, marking her first high-profile public appearance since her February court appearance.

“She’ll be there,” says the source.

While it’s unclear whether Kesha will perform at Coachella, the pop star is lining up other performances, including at Nashville’s Dylan Fest, a two-day event celebrating Bob Dylan’s 75th birthday.


Kesha is currently legally barred from releasing new music outside of Sony and, despite several attempts in court, she has been unable to free herself from the label that employs Dr. Luke (real name Lukasz Gottwald), her longtime producer who allegedly raped her.

Fans who’ve been eagerly awaiting performances by the singer have had to content themselves with covers, like this rendition of “Amazing Grace,’ or surprise performances. In that vein, the time or context of her Coachella appearance has not been confirmed.


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I hope she brings her backing rock band. Kesha singing hard rock covers would frankly be amazing. (Though I hope she finally gets free of all the crap so she can record and benefit from whatever the hell she wants.) #FreeKesha