Kesha Sings 'Amazing Grace' Cover Because She Can't Release New Music

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Since Kesha is unable to release new music due to legal limitations, the pop star offered up a sad video of herself singing “Amazing Grace” over the weekend. Ahead of a trial date related to her lawsuit against producer Dr. Luke, she also posted a series of messages to fans.


Kesha filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke in October 2014, alleging sexual abuse. Luke responded with his own lawsuit, claiming Kesha was extorting him to get out of her contract. Until a judge rules otherwise, Kesha is restricted from recording music because of her contract under Luke’s Sony label imprint.

“I’m dying to put out music, I’m like dying, literally,” she told E! News in October. “But while I can’t, I’m just gathering ideas and just praying for the day to come soon that I can put out music.”

Whether she can move forward or not will be determined during the injunction hearing, which takes place at the New York State Supreme Court on Tuesday. In a post on Instagram today, Kesha shared her anxieties, writing:

“tomorrow- nerves are going nuts. can’t sleep. but I know in the end it’s all gonna be ok. it’s a fucking rollercoaster but that’s life. and I will never stop making art. maybe my life will go down an unexpected path, but the message will always be the same. love, acceptance, compassion, equal rights, human rights, animal rights. and that really is my passion and purpose. and no one can ever stop me from fighting the good fight. don’t worry babes❤️luv you all.”

On Saturday, the fan account @KeshaTODAY posted the below cell phone footage of Kesha singing “Amazing Grace.”

“I love you guys more than you will ever know. It’s like mind-blowing,” she says in the video. “I can’t put out new music. But I can sing a little something of someone else’s songs or something that exists, so what should I sing?”


She then breaks into a pretty cover of “Amazing Grace.”

Kesha’s been communicating to her fans about the lawsuit primarily on Instagram. She wrote on Friday: “the universe is speaking to me today. I am filled with so much anxiety and hope and nerves and doubt and all my emotions are going crazy. if u pray, I could use one this week. I find out the fate of my career Tuesday....”


In a follow-up post, she wrote: “I love my fans so much. thank you for all the support you guys have given me in this legal situation. there comes a point in life when the truth is the only option. I have to trust that the universe will guide me from there.


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Oh Kesha. My heart is breaking for her. The music industry is such a mess and she is such a talent. It is an incredible injustice that she is dealing with this while the likes of Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Pit Bull etc. etc. continue making music.

Also, Come On and Timber are 2 of the greatest songs of the last 20 years. COME AT ME HATERS.