Kesha Explains How It Feels to Have What She's Worked So Hard For Taken From Her

Screengrab via Viceland.
Screengrab via Viceland.

Kesha has been through a lot in the last few years, most specifically, a complex and exhausting legal battle with producer Dr. Luke. But recently she’s been able to get back to doing what she loves—making music—though, unsurprisingly, feelings about the toll it’s all taken to her name and career are obviously close to the surface.


In an interview with Zach Goldbaum, who hosts Viceland’s music documentary series Noisey, Kesha tours around her home city of Nashville, showing off the dive bar where she got her start and also some estimable pool skills. Kesha is preparing for her performance at the historic Ryman auditorium where she is going to sing for Bob Dylan’s birthday tribute.

Goldblaum asks Kesha a general question about how she’s been recovering in the last few months, and she responds, “To work really hard for something, and have it taken away from you is pretty devastating. I worked my ass off for a lot of years to be able to do it,” adding, “It is, like, definitely a mind-fuck.” Soon after she starts to wave a hand in front of her face, and Goldblaum embarrassingly asks if she is going to sneeze. No, she is crying, guy.

Kesha eventually takes the stage (though her management did not allow Noisey to air the performance) and greets fans by the Ryman. One woman meets her and loud-whispers, “Be a bitch.” Kesha smiles.

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all love to kesha.

but, honestly. the dude who is the host of noisey is possibly the lamest of all time. like if you ordered a “short straight white dude with one pump of apathy” from a coffee shop in brooklyn, this dude would come out.